MaltaPay Kiosks are a United Interactive Payment System in Malta where one can pay bills &  fines in one single place 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Apart from billing and payments the system will also feature entertainment tickets & an information Kiosks for tourists.

The Kiosk have 2 screen interfaces:

  • the lower touch screen monitor for clients to use
  • the upper monitor – a 19” plasma screen for a non-stop advertising.

All MaltaPay Kiosks are strategically positioned in prime establishments which boast a walking trade of at least 1000-1500 people per day.

Currently the Kiosks are in use by approximately (60,000 – 65,000) people per month and numbers are growing with MaltaPay Kiosks rapidly gaining popularity.

One can buy an advertising slot which will be displayed approximately once (1) every 12 minutes. This means that each slot purchased will be shown up to five (5) times every hour between the opening & closing time of the establishments.

You have the opportunity to show your advert up to 120 times a day, with just one advertising slot purchased. Imagine what you can achieve with more slots.

Any number of slots can be bought depending on availability.

More advertising slots = Increased visibility = More clients = Bigger profits for YOU

Why Advertise with MaltaPay?

       1. High visibility guaranteed by our advertising Kiosks.

       2. Kiosks are positioned in Malta’s Top Commercial Places.

       3. A minimum of 2000 people per day currently make use of the Kiosks either to purchase a service or to access their Loyalty Scheme card system.

       4. Easy to use online touch screen system.

       5. Kiosks sell a number of services including:

           a) Vodafone top-up online system,

           b) the  booking of adverts for Malta’s top newspapers,

           c) free use of the Loyalty Card system for supermarkets including Pavi and GS Superstores.

       6.  Additional services we are working on include & are not limited to:

           Paying ARMS utility bills

           Go Mobile top up system

           Go  bill payments

           Booking a taxi at a discounted rate

           Browse for real estate property in Malta

           Top-Up of 40 Foreign mobile operators for all foreigners in Malta

   7. Most advantageous rates on the market with our low introductory prices. (T's and C’s apply).

          Prices starting from as little as € 30 per month.

          Minimum duration – 3 months

          Advert begins – every 1st of the 

          Duration of slot – between 20 to 60 seconds

          Advertising loop – approximately 12 minutes long

          Number of slots shown per day – maximum 120 times

         Bonus for 6 months placement – 7th month free


For more info contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 2737 2770

or your advertising agent.