Agents exclusive benefits

Four Great Reasons to join us

1 Profitability:

  • More Services - with MaltaPay Payment System you can provide more services to your customer (bills, topups, e.t.c).
  • Multiplicative effect - more services means also more customers and that brings to  increаsе of total turnover
  • Credit Line - we change classic schema of business where distributor force You to buy and than sale. With us You sale and than we share.

2 Risk management:

  • With our MaltaPay Payment System storage risks are mitigated - there is no scratch cards! You just have your password protected program and that's it.
  • Forget about handover scratch cards calculation between you stuff, once again - there is no cards!
  • MaltaPay provides a huge variety of reporting tools and Z-Readings - this will minimize human factor and risks of wrong calculations.

3 Increased random customers number: We will add Your Shop on our map, so our customers can easily find nearest top-up locations.

4 Simplicity and convenience:

  • Our Technical Engineer will install MaltaPay Payment system in 10 minutes time.
  • Program interface is such a intuitive that you will start to use it after 2 minutes of explanation.
  • You can track your shops sales remotely in your "Dealer Cabinet" via our on-line system

Security: The system is closed and secure against unauthorized requests, attacks and fraud attempts. Agent accounts deposits can only be transferred to service provider accounts making it impossible for a payment acceptance point employee to withdraw money from the system.