Operator Info

Information about Operator for the Service Provider's Clients

The Service Provider shall inplace(publish) the following information about the operator in its website, in the section "Payment", in accordance with Clause 5.4 of this Agreement: "Subscribers of ________________________ may (pay the bill, add funds) in any of the 10 000 Payment Acceptance Points of MaltaPay. MaltaPay - a simple way to pay for services, allowing to make money at any time, wherever you are.


The Cash is credited to the account subscriber's online on-line.

In the case of any question the subscribers can be contacted with Call Service of MaltaPay by phone: +356 27 37 21 27.

The detailed description of the service is found on MaltaPay website

If the payment for goods, services of Service provider in the self-service kiosk is a complicated process, the Service Provider shall provide detailed instruction in its website and any other stuff designed for the subscribers.

Any information about the brand of the operator shall be inplaced in according of design requirements of branded items: